The Peritus Knowledge Engine helps you solve problems faster by applying machine learning to IT industry content, conversations, and expert insights.

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Use Cases

Peritus AI Assistants can be used for IT, technical support, and cloud delivery.

Support Automation

Resolve cases and shift-left knowledge

Services Automation

Build & integrate custom solutions faster

Customer Self-Solve

Avoid new cases with Ai search/forum Q&A

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About founders & industry veterans, Robin Purohit and Santhosh Srinivasan, joined forces in 2019 with a common vision to create a zero-touch customer service experience for the tech industry. Rapidly evolving machine learning techniques provide innovative ways to augment human reasoning and deliver unprecedented automation to disrupt this $100B market.

In prior roles, both founders have first-hand experience with escalating frustration & costs as customer issues became critical situations, service delivery projects ran over budget, and product teams missed deadlines as experts were diverted to help. The common thread was IT users, technical support, and service engineers did not have the right insights in the moment of need due to the increased velocity of technical change and outdated approaches to training, knowledge transfer, and problem solving.

Peritus is dedicated to building AI assistants to make tech workers more productive to achieve our vision of zero touch customer service. Our patented cloud-first Knowledge Engine uses advanced NLP and machine learning to enable continuous learning from content, discussions, case management, and product development systems. We embrace a human-in-the-loop philosophy to train data sets, refine recommendation quality, and learn from implicit user feedback.

Our team is proudly global with locations in U.S, India, and Canada. Peritus venture investors include The Hive, IdeaSpring, and Benhamou Global Ventures. We are always excited to welcome great talent and investors to the Peritus team who are enthusiastic to make our vision a reality.

Our Team

Santhosh Srinivasan

VP of Engineering/Co-Founder

Robin Purohit