Your AI Copilot

Actions & Insights Powered by Generative AI

GPT-Powered analysis & automationfor Cybersecurity

Increase your SOC Team productivity with the Peritus Intelligence Platform.

Through our generative AI engine, your Security Analysts can ask specific questions about their environment and the Peritus Security Copilot will automatically analyze data & detect issues across all of your sources.

Your Security Team can request GPT-generated & expert-validated playbooks, tap into the power of the Peritus Intelligence Platform’s AI conversation analysis, and get answers to questions in Slack, Mattermost, or wherever the team collaborates.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Time to Resolution

AI generated actionable insightsfor DevRel & Communities

Scale Developer & Community Success with Peritus Intelligence

You need real-time data that helps you grow community membership and create high levels of engagement. Your community wants to find fast answers across multiple channels often asking similar questions in different ways in different places.

Peritus Community Intelligence uses GPT-powered machine learning insights to help you automate community-led growth.

  • Track Community Engagement
  • Detect Multi-Source Hot Spots

What the industry is saying about is unique in that it gives teams actionable insights to make improvements and drive business impact.
Caroline Lewko
CEO, Revere Communications