Your Security Copilot

Machine learning automation powered by GPT.

Connect your sources.

GPT-powered automationin your workflows & channels.

Turn responses into automatic workflows to reduce time to resolution.

Convert GPT-generated & expert-validated responses into actions that your team can apply to the source of the alert.

Peritus recommendations can reduce the time to resolution by not only generating answers but also providing contextual recommendations for alerts/incidents.

  • Apply Actions to the Alert Source
  • Reduce Time to Resolution

Peritus Assistant with GPT.

The Peritus Assistant uses GPT conversational analysis to generate answers based on enterprise-relevant content automatically and recommends the right experts for technical issues and questions.

End-users can access answers directly where they collaborate or through your products via the recommendation engine APIs.

  • GPT Powered
  • Auto-respond to unanswered questions
  • Available Recommendation Engine APIs

Automated Hot Spot Analysis
to Reduce Alert Fatigue

ML generated Hot Spots with actionable insights.

With Peritus Intelligence Hot Spots, we offer a centralized view of alerts across your enterprise.

Grouping alerts and incidents based on product, version, problem, and criticality allow DevSecOps to prioritize and apply remedial measures in bulk. 

  • View Alerts/Incidents by Topic & Criticality
  • Automatic Sub-Topics Based on Your Products
  • See recommendations, resolutions, & trends
  • View Each Alert/Incident In-Place

Share actionable insightswith SOC stakeholders.

Intelligent Slack notifications on alerts/incidents that matter.

Your stakeholders rely on insights for their objectives but only have time to monitor some alerts.

With Peritus intelligence Hot Spot notifications, they get notified on critical topics that they care about via Slack, email, or where they collaborate.

  • Get Notified on Topics that Matter Most
  • Notifications Sent Directly to Slack

How it works.’s machine learning platform
creates a continuous flywheel.

Unlock the hidden insights within your data.Ready to get started?

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