The Forum Benchmark – Part 2

By Robin Purohit

This is the 2nd in our blog series on the IT Industry Forum benchmark. 

This analysis compares the average performance of all IT forums in our data set vs. the best-in-class on key metrics. These numbers are continuously updated as we ingest more forum data.

First, let’s look at the average which is a good representation of today’s “best effort” approach to community forums.

Your Communities

Next, we extracted the best performing KPIs to represent what “best-in-class” forums can achieve. 

Your Communities Selected

Not surprisingly, most of these best-in-class results are from open source forums. We were very excited to see the upside potential to move from 20% to 72% of the community that solved 80% of posts. We strongly believe that creating more highly engaged experts is one key lever for a successful community

We will soon be opening our data analytics to allow support managers to compare their community to best-in-class KPIs. Along with that, we’ll publish insights for each forum on people, product, and problem dimensions to move the needle case deflection and NPS. 

Our goal is to move all forums to best-in-class and beyond using our AI Knowledge Engine. Stay tuned for more…