The Day Has Come: Peritus Assistant is Generally Available

The Day Has Come: Peritus Assistant is Generally Available

March 22, 2021

And finally, the day has come: Peritus Assistant is Generally Available (GA) and you can download it via Google Chrome Store. It is free, and it takes only 10 seconds to install the browser extension. Additionally, we have launched our Discourse-based Peritus User Community for expert discussion and self-service support. Join the new wave of AI-powered Cloud-Native knowledge.

With more than 200 early adopters, the Peritus Assistant browser extension is our way to make our knowledge of Cloud-Native technologies and technical communities available to millions of cloud-native developers, dev-ops engineers, and SREs around the world.

The Peritus team has worked to create a powerful Machine Learning engine for AI-enabled recommendations, based on 25M+ data points related to technical knowledge and documentation for key technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Alteryx, etc. We realized that there was a growing knowledge gap due to wide adoption of Cloud-Native technologies, and the scarcity of talent available to solve complex questions via technical communities such as Stack OverFlow,, or Cisco Community. That situation has a direct impact on the number of potential support cases, due to the high delay to find an answer, but also the difference between new technical experts and very experienced professionals.

This is exactly the reason why we decided to develop and now release the Peritus Assistant. A tool to support technical experts towards their learning journey to become an MVP within their community, but also to guide and coach them to reach their goals in the most efficient and exponential possible way.Today, we support four technical communities (and we are planning to support others during the next weeks):

Peritus Assistant forums

As part of our company journey, we have also released our public version of Peritus Analytics, an interactive tool which allows users to understand the technical communities performance by vendor, as well as the potential savings for technology vendors and companies. It shows that only 24.3% of questions submitted to these communities were answered in the first 24 hours and 69.5% were never resolved at all, concretely 163K unanswered questions over the last 18 months for cloud-native vendors. Additionally, 43% of active experts are resolving 80% of questions, which shows an important knowledge gap and a technical expert supply-demand issue. This situation increases the probability of new support cases, and therefore the cost for companies and technology vendors.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Peritus Assistant now and join our growing expert community. Trust us, the best is yet to come.

  • “It's really helpful when you come into Stackoverflow looking for answers - it streamlines your entire experience hunting for the answer - you get to clearly look at different posts both from official docs as well as stack overflow itself that are related" - Guillaume Blaquiere, Engineer at SFEIR
  • “I've been working with Kubernetes for years and I enjoy helping people on StackOverflow… The Peritus Assistant is so helpful! With the AI and ML working in the background to retrieve recommendations - it changes the game!” - Harsh Manvar, Engineer at Maruti TechLab
  • “Communication and collaboration are key to community success, and the Peritus Assistant brings the technical community closer by significantly improving overall quality of engagement, with a better and more efficient experience.” - Sajid Akhtar, Former OpenStack Ambassador

Quick note for those who are already asking us: Peritus Assistant for Firefox is part of our roadmap. Meanwhile, you can use Brave, Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers.

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