“Scaling Developer Success” Podcast Season 1

“Scaling Developer Success” Podcast Season 1

February 15, 2022

“Scaling Developer Success” Podcast Season Could Not Have Happened without our Notable Guests

Peritus.ai has concluded the first season of our “Scaling Developer Success” podcast and I’d like to personally thank each guest that came on our show. As the host of the podcast that takes a deep dive into various parts of the DevRel ecosystem, it was a pleasure to interview these leaders of the industry and talk in detail about their journeys into developer relations and what they’ve learned along the way. Each guest came from a diverse background and provided listeners with information on growing a developer community while balancing the needs of an organization. We focused on exploring their perspectives and expertise as each talked in-depth about their current roles, where they reside in organizations and their thoughts on where the industry is going.

Here are this season’s notable guests:

If you haven’t listened to all of them you should definitely do so, it’s information you don’t want to miss. The first season of the podcast has been so well received we have recommitted to making it ongoing. Here is a sneak-peak of some of our guest speakers:

  • Ben Lloyd Pearson, Director of Developer Marketing, Mattermost
  • CJ Avilla, Developer Advocate, Stripe
  • Jeff Bull, Senior Manager - Developer Advocacy, Cisco DevNet
  • Colm Doyle, Head of Developer Advocacy, Slack
  • Dewan Ishtiaque Ahmed, Senior Developer Advocate, Aiven
  • Zan Markan, Developer Advocate, CircleCI

Again, thanks again to all Season 1 guests. Be sure not to miss our upcoming episodes.

The Scaling Developer Success Podcast can be found on Peritus.ai or wherever you get your podcasts (e.g., Spotify, Apple Podcasts).

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