What’s in a name?

By Peritus

Peritus is Latin for “expert”, capturing our new company’s approach of using AI to automate expert knowledge for customer service of infrastructure. We founded the company based on three observations:

  1. The complexity of enterprise infrastructure is outpacing the availability and cognitive ability of human experts. This will only get worse.

  2. IT operations and service tools, including the latest AI-enabled approaches,  are necessary but not sufficient to enable autonomous infrastructure. The providers of infrastructure products and services need to take dramatic steps towards automating expert customer service or cede their future to a public cloud.

  3. Customer service of infrastructure is transforming from a cost center to a strategic revenue driver. The SaaS industry has clearly shown how obsessive focus on customer experience leads to accelerating recurring revenue and increased company valuations… the rest of the technology industry must follow.

Peritus has assembled a small but amazing team of infrastructure, big data, and AI experts to address these challenges. As career infrastructure engineers & product builders, this is a personal passion for all of us!

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Best Regards,

Robin and Santhosh, Co-founders of Peritus.ai.