Community Intelligence to
Scale Faster

Machine learning insights and automation

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Measure Engagement

Understand who is contributing to your community.

Analyze Hot Spots

Find conversations signaling frustration and buying intent.

Automate Actions

Share insights and answers with stakeholders

Your Community Dashboard
Free Forever. No Limits.

Measure activity, engagement, and retention.

To grow community engagement you need to understand who is actively participating, answering questions, and why members are leaving.

View the Your Community dashboard for engagement KPIs and trends without any limits on user seats, data integration, or community size.

Community members are automatically segmented from MVPs to Novices with detailed contribution metrics .

Automated Hot Spot Analysis

View conversations by
topic and sentiment.

Hot Spots provides an automated
visualization of your community
conversations by similar topics
such as Technical Problems,
Buying Intent, & Documentation.

Quickly identify product friction,
questions causing frustration,
and qualified leads.

Hot Spot Drill-down

Hot Spots automatically
discovers sub-topics based on
your product documentation
and objectives.

Select each hot spot to view
who's engaged, relevant content,
and trends.

View each conversation
thread in-place

Full details of the conversation
thread including the original question,
all responses, and sentiment are visible
without going to the community

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Share actionable insights with
community stakeholders.

Intelligent Slack alerts on conversations that matter.

Your stakeholders rely on community insights for their objectives but don't have time to monitor all conversations. With intelligence Hot Spot alerts they get notified on topics they care about on Slack.

Automate knowledge sharing on
your community Slack.

Peritus Assistant for Slack with federated search.

Your community Slack can be chaotic as your company scales and your top experts get overwhelmed. And many questions have been asked before on Slack or other community workspaces.

Rules-based alerts let your moderators know about unanswered questions so you never leave an important thread unresolved. With auto-response your community gets recommends answers from federated search across your Slack history and all community sources.

Admin controls allow you to set rules for alerts and
auto-response that work best for your community.

Pick a plan. Onboard in minutes.

Pricing is based on annual subscription.

Contact for custom requests and Enterprise plans.


Free Forever

Everything you need to measure community engagement.

Community metrics, trends, and member profiles

Unlimited seats

Unlimited members

Unlimited community sources

Unlimited data import/export



Automated machine learning insights for your community.

Everything in Basic Plan

Automated Hot Spots  

Competitive Intelligence

Intelligent hot spot alerts



Contact Sales

Personalized machine-learning automation for your community OKRs.

Everything in the Professional  

Personalized Hot Spots

Peritus Assistant for Slack

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